Room Tour

Thursday, September 3, 2015
Ive Been wanting to do a 'room tour' post for a while now, but it was never the was I actually wanted it to be. There are still some things that I want to do with my room, but for the most part my room is how I want it to be. :)

The desk and chair I got from Ikea, and the table lamp was thrifted.

One thing I love having in my room is a candle.

My end table is from Ikea, and the lamp I got from Target.

*my closet*

The two whit bins are from Ikea as well, lol as you can see I love shopping at Ikea.

Dresser also from Ikea.

My TV I actually got from Target, it was originally a bookcase.

I will definitely be doing an update on my room. I really want to get some pictures for my walls because they're so bare. I also wand to get an accent chair to go next to my TV.
 Thanks for reading, see you in my next post.

xoxo , T'erra